For more than 25 years, Renée Lévesque has been designing and creating exquisite jewellery with a playful blend of pearls, glass, crystals, semi-precious stones and metals. Her designs are inspired by the latest fashion trends. Renée's choice of colours is influenced by paintings of some of the Great Master's such as Monet, Gauguin and Van Gogh. Fashion enthusiasts crave Renée Lévesque's modern, contemporary, elegant and trendy creations available in her Montréal and Ottawa stores. Renée designs all the jewellery which is handmade in her studios in Montréal and Ottawa.

Renée's creations has been the subject of numerous articles in magazines such as Elle Québec, Fashion Magazine, Lou Lou, Clin d'Oeuil and Chatelaine as well as daily newspapers and television reports. Renée has designed jewellery for television personalities and celebrities in Montréal and abroad.

Renée can also customize jewellery for an evening, a special occasion or weddings. Contact one of our stores to book an appointment with Renée for a customized creation.